Embellishments and other cool stuff!

Latex Molds

Over 50 styles!
They are flexible so they can be glued to curved surfaces and trimmed to fit, if necessary, with a pair of scissors.

Glue them on with ordinary white glue and then stain or paint as required! $7.00 and up


Knobs and Hardware

Over 2 dozen styles

Change up old tired hardware with crystal, cast iron or ceramic knobs!

$6.00 and up

Vintage Papers

32 different designs!
Most papers are 11 x 17 inches(some 19 x 27 inches) and hand tea-dyed for authenticity - just beautiful!

Decoupage them to table tops, drawer fronts or door panels with white glue. $4.00 each and up

Pattern Packets

Sunflower Chair: by Irene Laycock. This is an e-packet. Once you have paid for it, PayPal will notify me and I will send it the zip file asap! (no more than 1 day)

Modern Masters Metal Effects

Create authentic rust and verdigris finishes.


Lots of French themed and decorative stencils to choose from. Here are 6 new ones!


WINE SIGN: Click HERE to download image transfers for this project

wine sign


Nest for Image Transfer

Click HERE to download.

Animals for Image Transfers

Click HERE to download.