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Chalkboard Art

I now know why adult colouring books are so popular! These little signs are very similar and are relaxing and fun to do. SUPPLIES: white graphite paper (transfer paper) board painted black with Cottage Paint Black Jelly Roll white pen white charcoal pencil white pencil crayon ball-point pen to trace on the design printed design sized to fit the board… Read more →

Piping with Texture Paste

This is way more fun than icing a cake! I do thin the paste just a little with about a teaspoonful of water to 1/4 cup of paste. You want it to flow nicely but not to flow out too much – it should hold a nice peak. I like to use a #2 tip that you can buy at… Read more →

Fun Little ‘Vintage’ Signs

These little signs have been a huge success! Simple to make and inexpensive, they are well within the reach of  anyone with very modest woodworking and computer skills! Supplies: 3.5 and/or 5.5 inch constructions grade boards hammer, saw and drill with 1/8 – 1/4 inch drill bit paint, sandpaper putty knife or scraper jute or wire Orange Oil and a spoon Step 1:… Read more →

Tap handle switch for Edison Lamps

Not being an electrician by any stretch, it took me quite a while to figure out how to make this work. Not to mention looking a little deranged in Home Depot by asking for the ‘impossible’ part! As it turned out (or on?), the magic ingredient  is one thin little washer that fits perfectly on the switch and then inside… Read more →

Mixing Colours Part 2

It’s always fun to mix colours and makes painting a new piece even more exciting! Here are some fresh new combos you might like to try. Just a reminder, though, be sure to mix the colours 1 part to 1 part (1:1) just in case you didn’t mix enough to complete your project and you need to mix more. I would love… Read more →

A Garden in the Mirror

I really don’t enjoy winter! As of Dec 22 the days started getting longer and I for one, can’t wait for spring! I love to garden and dream of the day when I can get my hands dirty again. Next best thing: how would it be, if every time you looked in the mirror, it would seem as though you… Read more →

Edison Bulb Light Fixture

Ever since I saw these fixtures on Google, I just had to make one for over my kitchen island. I just LOVE the look of the old fashioned filament bulbs! This is going to be a class – if I can do it, you can! Cost will be around $130 for the kit and class 🙂 Supplies: Step One: Paint the… Read more →