About Me

Looking back over the past 30 – 40 years, I definitely see a pattern evolving here. I have always been busy with something creative – usually to do with paint and wood. So it’s not too surprising that I’ve ended up combining everything I’ve learned to embark on this new adventure into the world of reinventing old furniture pieces.


It seems rather fitting, don’t you think, with the new focus on “green”, to bring a beautiful old piece of workmanship back to its former glory. A new coat of paint and a little TLC pulls that old cabinet out of the basement and back to a place of prominence.


I have been teaching Decorative Painting for more than twenty years from across Canada and the States to France, Holland, Sweden, Britain, Japan, Singapore and Australia. I have learned that with our new Cottage Paint and a few simple tips, anyone can discover the joy of making something beautiful and long-lasting, without the hard work or fear of fatal mistakes!


Who would have guessed that satisfaction, pride and confidence came in a paint can! I can’t wait to help you discover the potential of gram’s old kitchen table, not to mention how the discovery will make you feel.


I am very proud to be a part of this new surge to make all things old, beautiful again.

…with brush in hand, Linda



Photo of the gang at thanksgiving – almost got them all in one pic but not quite!

family pic

Bijou and Rocky