Chalkboard Art


I now know why adult colouring books are so popular! These little signs are very similar and are relaxing and fun to do.


white graphite paper (transfer paper)

board painted black with Cottage Paint Black

Jelly Roll white pen

white charcoal pencil

white pencil crayon

ball-point pen to trace on the design

printed design sized to fit the board

scotch tape

Q-tip for boo-boos

Step 1

Paint your board with one or two coats of Black Cottage Paint. Sand lightly. Tape your pattern to the wood piece. Place the white graphite paper under your design, white side down and trace all the lines lightly with a pen.


It should look like this when you’re done:IMG_0327

Step 2

Outline all the main lines with the Jelly Roll white pen.



Step 3

Fill in the leaves, berries and letters with either the white charcoal pencil or the white pencil crayon. The white charcoal pencil creates a brighter white than the pencil crayon, so in more complicated designs, I like to them both so that some areas are brighter and more white and some are lighter and more ‘grey’. See the examples below.IMG_0331Step 4

Add some final touches like the shading lines on the letters and the dots in the background with the white Jelly Roll pen. You can moisten a Q-tip and eraser any stray lines.IMG_0333

Here are some more examples I’ve done using the same methodIMG_0319 copy

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  1. Lisa
    February 9, 2016 at 12:52 am

    Those are awesome

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