Edison Bulb Table Lamp – wouldn’t the guys just love this!

This lamp was much easier to do than the ceiling fixture. But maybe, that was just because I wasn’t afraid of all those wires this time! The pipes were easy to join by hand – I thought for sure I’d need a wrench, but no, they went to together with very little effort. I bought all the bits and pieces from Home Depot with the help of a very kind man (who I’m sure thought I was nuts!). All told, the parts came to about $50 not counting the bulbs and wire which I had left over from the last project. Not bad, considering the inspiration piece was priced at $225.


One important thing I didn’t do, which I will next time! Was to wash all the pipe in hot soapy water before starting- my hands were greasy and BLACK. Oh well, live and learn!




I just love the tap that I added. But, I wish I knew how to make it into an on/off switch. If anyone reading this knows how, please let me know! The other thing of note, is that the wire is available in lots of colours, especially red would have been very nice. Next time I order…


The wire shown here was some other cheaper wire that I had, but I ended up replacing it with the good stuff since it didn’t have a black and white wire inside it and I was afraid that I would wire the wrong one to the wrong thing – I’ll explain in a minute.

Partially assemble the pipe and thread the wire through, leaving lots at each end for the connections. Strip the wires and then connect the black one to the brass screw in the socket and the white wire to the silver screw. Tape over any exposed wires (especially since it will be inside a metal pipe.


Wire the two sticking out of the bottom together – white to white and black to black. Thread the wire that will have a plug attached through the hole in the long straight pipe. Twist it’s black wire to the other two blacks and well as it’s white wire to the other two whites. These connections need to have Marettes attached and then wrapped with electricians tape. Tuck everything up into the pipes and screw the base into the 3-way connector. Sorry, I forgot to take a photo of this part!



Glue the two porcelain sockets into the pipes with E6000 or any other really good glue. Leave this to dry over night. I then painted the sockets black – and any glue that oozed out.


I cut a square block of wood (2″ x 8″), sanded the edges and then painted it Black with Cottage Paint. Sand or wet distress the edges of the board. Screw the flange in the center of the board.


Leave a good length of wire for the plug and then wire the stripped ends into it. Again, black to brass screw and white to silver. Sure glad they colour code these things!


I used an antiquing liquid that I had for antiquing solder in my stain glass projects. It worked really well to make the pipe blacker, instead of the original dark iron colour that it is. You can use it on the screw heads of the base too!

Add your choice of bulbs and enjoy! Next time I order, I’m going to get some cool wire cadges to go over the bulbs.





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  2. Elizabeth
    December 30, 2014 at 11:40 pm

    I love it! So cool!

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